Strive Network Convening 2013 Recap


 Last month, Strive Network convened in Dallas, Texas for their 2013 Cradle to Career Convening. Generation Next’s own Jonathan May was kind enough to fill us in with an overview of highlights from the event, from Theory of Action to the Task Force on Measuring Social and Emotional Learning.

Amongst the many topics discussed, President Frank Forsberg co-presented a session dedicated to engaging community in both theory and action. Outlining the core tenants of the cradle to career approach, Forsberg explains, “A central premise of [this] approach is that this work requires the collective effort of an entire community to achieve the systems level change that is necessary to support every child, from cradle to career. Inherent in this, is the engagement, involvement, and mobilization of the community around this cradle to career vision.”

As far as the Theory of Action (TOA) is concerned, this year’s Strive Conference unveiled plans to revise and finalize the Theory that was soft-launched in April 2013. Feedback has been gathered on the TOA by way of webinars, focus groups, communities of practice, and discussion boards. Together, this feedback will provide the insight necessary for members at the 2013 Annual Convening to revise, elicit more feedback on, and finalize the TOA.

Feedback also presented itself in the realm of Strive National’s focus. Based on feedback from Strive Network members, the organization has re-dedicated itself to focusing on race, class, and culture by way of two key angles: robust participation and credibility and using data to close gaps. Calls to action included the need for Strive Network members to disaggregate data to identify disparities in academic achievement and the need for ensuring that diversity is robustly represented at community tables. Additionally, the session called for organizational leadership to capably lead this effort.

Lastly, the Task Force on Measuring Social and Emotional Learning released its three-volume report, “Beyond Content: Incorporating Social and Emotional Learning into the Strive Framework.” To view the report, along with other relevant reports, direct your browser here:





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