Strive Boot Camp A Phenomenal Success

Shortly before the holiday break, Jeff Edmondson and his team from StriveTogether held a workshop for Generation Next stakeholders including our Leadership Council, various committee members, our network partners, civic leaders and others. We called it Strive Boot Camp and we thank the more than 70 people who actively participated and made the session a success.

With Jeff’s help we re-grounded ourselves in the four pillars that form our operating framework. In short, these pillars are:

  1. Shared Community Vision – A cross sector partnership with cross sector leadership. We are collectively responsible and individually accountable for achieving better results
  2. Evidence Based Decision Making – this includes Generation Next’s 5 cradle to career goals and the commitment to using local data to uncover insights
  3. Collective Impact – Here we align all involved to get everyone mobilized in the same direction
  4. Investment and Sustainability – Long-term success rests on our ability to reward networks that engage in practices that work. Funding is focused on what is working rather than a “spray and pray” mentality

Later in the session, Edmonson took aim at an outmoded paradigm that holds national research up as the gold standard for local decisions. The old paradigm looks like this:




Strive’s framework challenges us to turn the national-is-best research paradigm on its head. Over the last 8 years, Strive has worked with more than 100 network members across 37 states. They’ve used local data to prove that what works in in one community differs from what works elsewhere. The new model looks like this:




Generation Next thanks Jeff and his team for taking the time to work with us. As the new year unfolds, our data committee, with the help of the Wilder Foundation, will be hard at work looking at local data to uncover evidence of practices that work. We have a strong foundation to work from and are excited to continue making progress in 2014.

SIF 2015