News from R.T. Rybak

Monday, May 2, 2016

Dear Friend,

The Minneapolis Foundation is announcing today that I will be the organization’s new CEO and President.

While I am very pleased to be able to lead the Foundation, I wanted to assure you I will remain deeply engaged in the issue of closing education gaps and specifically, very engaged in Generation Next.

I will continue direct leadership of Generation Next through July 1 and will be actively involved in keeping the organization on track through the process of selecting a new leader.  I will then assume a position on the Generation Next executive committee where I will play an ongoing, active role.  I want to assure you that I remain passionate about the work, and commit to all of you who have invested your time and energy into this critical effort that I will continue to be deeply involved.  The Minneapolis Foundation has been a founding partner in Generation Next and I also want to assure you that it will be even more involved in our ongoing efforts.

We invite you to our June 29th stakeholder’s meeting at Thrivent Financial Auditorium, 625 Fourth Ave., S. from 10:00am-11:30am for an update on Generation Next’s progress. (A registration link will be sent later this week.)  I would also like to give you a brief outline of some of the details of how we will manage the work to ensure we do not lose momentum at this critical time:

  • Significant planning has already taken place to ensure all existing work will continue without interruption and I will continue that planning work with the team through July.  Jonathan May has been elevated to Managing Director to assume day to day operations during the transition. (We will be adding data support to free Jonathan of some of his existing duties.)
  • My work with the Gen Next staff through July will continue to include detailed planning of each strategy in each goal area.  We are already underway with our two new efforts in literacy and math, and these should go forward without interruption.
  • That is also true of our other initiatives, including the very promising efforts in early childhood, tracking credits toward graduation for high school students, and our exciting research in social and emotional learning.  Again, we will provide more detail on this at our June 29th stakeholder’s meeting and we are confident you will be pleased with the progress.
  • The Generation Next executive committee will begin discussions of leadership.  In coming weeks co-chairs Kim Nelson and Eric Kaler will update you on progress.  I will continue to be actively involved in the transition, including regular meetings with the staff, until a new director is hired.  After that I will continue to help the new leader hit the ground running in my new role on the executive committee and I will be a partner in any way helpful with that new leader.

I am going to a new role but I am absolutely not moving away from this issue.  The number one goal of the Minneapolis Foundation is to close gaps in this community and that aligns very closely with the goals that have drawn all of us to Generation Next.  Our progress is deeply important to me, the need for more progress continues to weigh heavily on me and you can count on me to be an extremely active partner in our shared mission to have every single child in our community thrive.

R.T. Rybak

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