Hitting the Refresh Button

Frank Forsberg

Frank Forsberg, interim director, Generation Next and senior vice president for systems change and innovation at Greater Twin Cities United Way

Your IT team will tell you that just refreshing the web page can improve speed and performance – and sometimes it’s also like that for organizations.

With a change in leadership, we are, taking inventory collecting insights, and then taking big steps forward. That’s exactly what we’re doing at Generation Next. We are using this opportunity to broaden the circles of input influencing this important work. We know that taking this time to thoughtfully engage and align with more partners will push our progress forward.

Among our top priorities is to unite in partnership and collective action to help all children prepare for success. One of the most critical pieces in this picture is aligning resources with existing coalitions and place-based strategies, like Northside Achievement Zone and St. Paul Promise Neighborhood. With both of these organizations, Generation Next has a shared mission and commitment to accelerate achievement for all children – cradle to career. In the last month, we’ve focused on refreshing this obligation to align and integrate so that we can serve the community better.

On the ground, kids are at the center of this aligned delivery model with parents, students, neighborhood and schools forming a trifecta of solutions.

GenNext_DeliveryModel 3

As part of restart and refresh, we’ll reconvene and adjust the action networks for early literacy and college and career readiness to better reflect our integrated approach. The action networks are committed and working hard to identify and hone in on contributing indicators – the factors that influence student success – and develop shared goals to change the outcome. Within the work of the action networks, Generation Next facilitates the conversation and provides coaching on how to use data and input from the community to identify solutions. Our role is to help practitioners identify the sweet spot between local data, community voice and national expertise.


We have a lot of work ahead of us and we need you to show your support by sharing our news with your colleagues and encouraging them join the movement here.

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