Generation Next/Children’s Defense Fund Coffee Talk Event on High School Graduation

On April 13, 2017, Generation Next and the Children’s Defense Fund of Minnesota (CDF-MN) hosted an event at College Possible to share the latest data on high school graduation and key factors impacting success in high school in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. We are using CDF-MN’s KIDS COUNT Coffee model, where stakeholders invested in the goal area come together to learn about the recent data and discuss how it impacts their work.

CDF-MN presented data on the community and contextual factors that impact graduation rates. Generation Next presented graduation rates and social emotional data for district and charter schools across Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Minneapolis Public Schools and Saint Paul Public Schools staff presented their district’s efforts to support students on their path to on-time high school graduation, with a focus on “on-track” programs.

You can access the full presentation HERE.

After the event, we will update this blog post with common questions (and their answers) that were discussed. Feel free to post additional questions and we will do our best to answer them!

The Generation Next Team

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