About the Data

Data-Driven Decision Making

The first step toward solving any problem is to understand the facts.

These pages can help our community develop a consensus on the facts behind Minneapolis-St.Paul’s persistent gap in student achievement. We know there are significant differences that break along racial lines. Over time we will refresh the site with new facts that help develop a deeper understanding of the issues, which, in turn will help us develop more targeted actions to eliminating the gap.

The purpose of data in our work is to provide a common set of facts and figures for all partners and stakeholders working to improve educational achievement in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We intend these data to be the basis of a shared agenda and hope they add depth and dimension to an issue that deserves to be analyzed based on a rich, detailed understanding.

This data illustrates each of Generation Next’s five goals along the cradle to career continuum. While year-to-year comparisons are not always possible due to limitations in the data, the overarching story remains the same: we have a persistent, systemic problem that falls along racial and ethnic lines. This data reminds us how urgent our call to action needs to be.

Please send us your comments and additional data that will help us better understand the issues at jonathan@gennextmsp.org.


SIF 2015

SIF 2015